When you need compare two string, maybe hash, maybe looooong password. Just past one string into left and second into right input and see middle part after submit - cross means "the are not the same", check stands for "they are the same" ;)



Need to count chars/letters in your text? We can do it for you! ;) Just paste text into left textarea and (after submit) see the result in right (now blue) area.

  • Chars:0
  • Words: ≈ 0


If you need find substring in text, paste the source text into left textarea and searched word into right box input. You can configure searching only for full words (via checkbox).



Sometimes you need convert string or text into upper or lower chars. No more handy rewriting - user this box for the work.



You can meet string written in reverse order. You don't need rewrite it by hand - just past it in area and make them reversed again.


MD5 hash

This tool is here when you need MD5 hash of some string. We don't use any storage for later "cracks" - we just create the md5 hash and give it back to you.



Base64 is simple encoding primary using in mail. But you can have need to convert string to/from base64 elsewhere. You can do it here.


Jaro-Winkler distance

Jaro-Winkler distance is algorithm used to measure similarities between two strings. The result is number between 0 and 1 where 1 means that strings are equal. For more information, see wiki

  • Scale:
  • Length:
  • JWD:0


When you need create password forget something like "admin" or "12345" and try to create better one. If you are exhausted of creating some trash by random hitting keyboard, you can use our little generator. Just select what you want in pass and Push the button ;)